Welcome to our Olive Oil Orchard,

Organic Extra Virigin Olive Oil Orchard

This organic olive orchard which was established over 98 years ago by Panagiotakakos family,  at the feet of Mount Taygetos in Sparta - Greece, covers 15 acres of the estate and never changed owners. It has got 193 aged olive trees, the  variety Koroneiki (one of the oldest varieties in the  world). 

The trees are pruned once in two years, watered only by  rain and have not received any kind of medicine or chemical fertilizer. The olives are harvested by hand in various stages depending on the ripeness between late December and mid January . They are brought to our press house for processing the oil the same day the olives are picked. Leaves are separated  out . Then the olives are washed and crushed under the traditional millstones (traditional cooperative oil mill, the village of Dafnion). We use "first cold extraction process", that means hydraulic presses  squeeze the oil to separate from the olive water. During the  entire process the olive oil stays at a cold temperature. Finally the oil is  stored in stainless  steel tanks  which are  located in a dry, climate controlled  storage area. 

After 30 days of  rest, the olive oil bottled unfiltered. Our limited olive oil production are  between 1200-1400 liters (depending on years climate and good God). Our estate oil is not mass-produced and each bottle is individually numbered. We produce well balanced organic extra virgin olive oil  of green aromatic notes,  intense fruity, grassy notes, slightly pungent, medium sweet, green almonds aftertaste.

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