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1888: Spyros Metaxa creates, possibly, the smoothest amber spirit under the Sun.
Ever since, the art of wine-making, distilling, ageing and blending creates the 
unique METAXA style.
METAXA 3 Stars has a floral character, revealing notes of muscat and brioche.

METAXA Brandy 3* Smoothness RevealedAmber with a golden hue

1st Bouquet:
 Bitter orange blossom, roses and  apricot

2nd Bouquet
 Flower honey, vanilla and a touch of violet

 Balanced, with notes of peach and apricot, 
 raisin and brioche

 Generous, with notes light oak and almond

Bottle:               Size 70cl
ABV:                  38%
Country:            Greece
Liqueur Type:    Grape Brandy
Producer:          Metaxa


Price: $35.00 USD per bottle plus shipping costs
Minimum order: 2 bottles


Please allow 1-2 days for delivery. 
Thank you for your preference in Luxury Olive Oil family co.

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Luxury Olive Oil family co. Luxury Olive Oil family co. 

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