Purchase Fava (yellow split peas) from Santorini Island


"Santorini Fava" Description

Fava (yellow split peas) from Santorini Island

The "Santorini Fava" is a Protected Designation of Origin and comes from the plant "Lathyrus Clymenum L." which is grown exclusively and regularly to the island for 3,500 years. The "Santorini fava" has very high nutritional value as it is rich in protein and carbohydrates. The traditional method of treatment involving a cave canavas maturation and drying in the sun gives sparkling, velvety texture and a sweetish taste. In the package, the name of the grower to guarantee the origin and authenticity of the product.

^Fava^Protected Designation of Origin
  Weight: 400gr  (0.89 lb)

  Harvest: Mar 2018

  Price: $15.00 USD per packege plus shipping costs

   Minimum order: 4 packeges


Please allow 1-2 days for delivery. 
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