- Lamb with yogurt

Category: Mediterranean Diet, Cretan Recipe. 

Serves: 6   
Preparation time: 1hr 30min + 12h
Level: Medium

Lamb with yogurt, Mediterranean Diet, The Cretan Diet,



  1. Wash the meat, season it with salt and leave it to marinate for one night in the refrigerator. 
  2. Next day, wipe the meat, make some incisions into it and push slivers of garlic into them. 
  3. Pour over the olive oil, scatter over pepper and thyme, and roast the lamb in the oven at 200 C. 
  4. When it is ready, take the juices from the pan and beat them together with the yogurt and the beaten eggs. 
  5. Remove the meat from the bone, and if liked, transfer it from the roasting tin to a more closed vessel, such as a clay pot. 
  6. Pour over the yogurt sauce. 
  7. Return the meat to the oven for about half an hour until the sauce has thickened and the yogurt has taken on a colour.

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