- Extra virgin olive oil for hair, homemade shampoo

There are a lot of cosmetics trademarks exploiting extra virgin olive oil qualities in cosmetic products. Many of them use olive oil in hair treatments, shampoos, hair masks and hair conditioners. These products are demanded by customers and are sold out very quickly. Usually, these products are a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients such as aloe vera in order to increase hair benefits.
However, for those people interested in creating their homemade cosmetic products, we have written this post to show you some very well-known recipes with very good results. They are very easy to prepare and require not very much work.

Extra virgin olive oil for hair, homemade shampoo, Beauty Secrets Of Olive Oil,

Recipe for creating your homemade extra virgin olive oil shampoo

This recipe is an excellent opportunity for those people interested in having a hair full of life, shine and nutrients. To start it is necessary a small bottle or recipient which can be properly closed to preserve the product for some days, six o seven at most.

The next step is to pour one third of a liquid gel cup in your bottle. Add to the gel one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (it is very important to use extra virgin olive oil) and two teaspoons of aloe vera juice. At last, add 15 grams of chamomile or rosemary. Then, you will have to shake the mixture well in order to obtain a bound gel. Then, use it as a shampoo.

These products are not very long-lasting, that is why it is important to make it in small quantities. Otherwise, the gel will go bad and you will have to throw it away.

Hair treatment made with extra virgin olive oil

This treatment is a very good option for those people with very dry or damaged hair. The use of dyeing and the excess of temperature with hairdryer may damage your hair.

This recipe is easier than the olive oil shampoo one. You only have to heat a cup of extra virgin olive oil for 10 seconds in the microwave and apply it to your hair during 10 minutes at most. Be careful with the oil temperature and avoid burns. Once you have finished, apply your shampoo and clean your hair as usual. To have better results, repeat this hair treatment at least twice per week.

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