- Fish-Roe Salad (Taramosalata)

   Category: Mediterranean Diet, Cretan Recipe.

   Serves: 6
   Preparation time: 30min
   Level: Easy

Fish-Roe Salad (Taramosalata), Mediterranean Diet, The Cretan Diet,


Some tips for making superior Taramosalata:

Taramosalata is what Greeks call “the king of appetizers”. The main ingredient in it is tarama – a firm, pale pink salted fish roe. If you can’t find that, try salted cod or carp roe instead. The roe is mixed with moistened bread and other flavorful ingredients to make a spread or dip.

Good taramosalata depends on the quality and proportion of ingredients. Flavorful tarama, or fish roe, is a prerequisite, of course, along with sunny tasting extra virgin olive oil – avoid cheap, bland vegetable oil – freshly squeezed lemon juice and mashed potatoes made from mealy, not watery, spuds. The dip should be frothy, not runny, and taste of the Aegean – seductive, mysterious, piquant. It should make you feel like dancing the misirlou.



  1. Mash the fish-roe, the potatoes and onions, until you get a smooth paste. 
  2. Add the olive oil and the lemon juice in small quantities. 
  3. Garnish with olives and the heart of a lettuce or with finely chopped parsley. 
  4. Instead of potatoes you can use breadcrumbs soaked in water.

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